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ObsidianWire Custom SC for Les Paul® 

✔ Solder-less Install
✔ Solder-less Pickup Changes
✔ Coil Splitting (Auto Converts Humbuckers to Single Coils)
✔ Options for 50s' or 60's control layouts
✔ Improved Clarity & Control

Super Easy, Solder-less Install


Coil Tap Wiring for Les Paul®

Split your humbuckers into single coils for classic, low output spank, and back again with a tap of the volume control.   

A pop in replacement for your Gibson® Les Paul® wiring harness.


The ObsidianWire Custom SC is a Split Coil / Coil Tap upgrade wiring harness for your Les Paul®. The upgrade uses premium CTS push / Pull pots for ultimate tonal flexibility, and saves you a whole lot of work by making the install super easy and 100% solder-less.


(requires 4 conductor pickups)


ObsidianWire SC Switching


Split your humbucker pickups into single coils, allowing for Strat® or Tele® like tones, and back again with a push or pull of the volume control.

Each pickup has its own switch, so you can split each one on its own, or both at the same time.


There is global respect for the traditional vintage 50's way of wiring Les Pauls as well as the more modern and current production 60s set up. The ObsidianWire Custom SC for Les Paul is available in either, with the choice being a matter of personal preference.


ObsidianWire 50s - Super Sweet to Full on Growls and Moans


The ObsidianWire 50s wiring allows for subtle amount of treble roll off when using the volume control which makes it perfect moving between sweet clean tones to full on crunch & lead. The tone and volume controls also become more interactive, so the tone control will slightly affect the volume and vice versa.


ObsidianWire 60s - Cut Through at Any Volume


The ObsidianWire 60s wiring retains treble when you roll back the volume control allowing you to retain your overall tone and cut through at lower volumes. The controls are more intuitive with the 60s set, with the tone control changing tone and the volume control changing the volume.

Obsidian Wire Custom SC (Split Coil) for Les Paul Incl Switch (Pre Order)

Custom SC

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